Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Ain't Nothing Gonna Break My Stride

2 days more and I'll be seated in the Aquadesiac Bar at Indochine Wisma, sipping some Chivas Regal liquor and soaking in the sweet sounds of Jamie Cullum on the grand piano. :)

Read in a jazz magazine that Jamie's quite the character:

-- born to parents of Burmese-German-Jewish descent
-- taught himself to play the piano by ear, and can't read music scores at all
-- also played the rock guitar for 10 years before returning to the ivories at age 17
-- never has a set programme during performances, choosing pieces only by reading the crowds' reactions
-- has played for the Queen of England in Edinburgh
-- is selling out concerts across the UK, and making waves in the US
-- spent a year in Paris playing bars, weddings and bar-mitzvahs
-- enjoys solitude
-- studied English literature and drama / theatre at Reading University

And to continue the song lyrics above:

... ain't nothing gonna bring me down
Oh no, I gotta keep on moving.

Bring on the sick kids! I'll have a big smile on my face all day! :P

More on this later in the weekend. Might be a little hung over. ;)


To Genevieve, my friend from Clay Aiken Singapore, who just attended her convocation ceremony today.

She also recently started her own blog, an introspective narrative that makes me sound extremely manic. :)

New Man On Board

We're still setting up his login account, but The Lingual Nerve (LN) is very honoured to welcome Tom Reynolds onto the team!

Tom is a trained nurse who's now tearing up the streets as an EMT. Check out his awesome blog, and watch for more of him on LN.

Last but not least, I found out last week that a male Mediacorp actor lives just 7 storeys above me. He's quite well-known, and has been in the business for decades. He's also very friendly, and extremely tall. Make a guess. :)

Just dropped by Kinokuniya at Takashimaya this afternoon. Man, that place makes my mouth water. I've got so much reading to do after my exams!

And try out The Soup Restaurant in Paragon's Basement 1 sometime. It's got the best Chinese / Cantonese food ever -- surpassing that of the Crystal Jade chain at least ten times. I'm so bloated right now. But contented. :D

Time to go for a dip and burn off all those calories, heh heh!

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