Sunday, July 04, 2004

Some Get Their Kicks From Cocaine
-- lyrics from I Get A Kick Out Of You

Following a fantastic evening out at The Esplanade, I'm still a little high from the Hello Broadway! concert last night, featuring Judy Kuhn ( the singing voice of Disney's Pocahontas ), Jerry Dixon ( part of the original cast for Five Guys Named Moe ), Welly Yang and Dina Morishita ( from last year's The Wedding Banquet ).

Backed by a competent ( and surprisingly hip Singapore Symphony Orchestra ), the repertoire comprised favourites from Phantom of the Opera, Chess, Rent and Chicago, among others. With pitch-perfect deliveries, friendly banter with the audience, and even an autograph / photo-taking sesson after the show, the 4 leads clearly won hearts with their warmth and talent. ( I've become quite thick-skinned since my encounter with The Ten Tenors, so I just blatantly asked each singer to pose for snapshots, heh heh! )

Highlights for me include Kuhn's touching Colours of the Wind ( Pocahontas ), Welly Yang's very emotive This Is True ( The Wedding Banquet ), Jerry Dixon's fun, jazzy Caldonia ( Five Guys Named Moe ) and Morishita's show-stopping, sexy All That Jazz ( Chicago ).

For collaborative efforts, there's real-life couple Yang and Morishita's sweet and beautiful Last Night Of the World ( Miss Saigon ), the finale Seasons of Love ( Rent ), and 2 unbelievable jazz performances -- ie. a very creative interpretation of Circle of Life ( The Lion King ) with only piano, bongo drums and singer ( sent chills down my spine ), and I'm In Bizness ( a full-throttle swing number that sent me into orbit ).

The pianist -- also the conductor / arranger -- is Jason Robert Brown, more well-known in the vicinity of Broadway, but boasting a very impressive resume, and phenomenal prowess on the ivories. He sings too! *palpitations* :D
I tell you, during these 2 songs, I suddenly realized what jazz pianists ( male, of course ) can do to me --> turn me into a blithering idiot. And I thought Clay Aiken held that sole honour, haha. :)

Sadly, Brown wasn't present during the autograph-signing, which was a pity. Would've liked to get a picture with him. And get a good look at those amazing hands of his. :)

Feedback on The Lingual Nerve

...has been mixed so far. Some people like it, some people think it's still a little "too medical".

We're working on it! Give us a chance! Please! :D

Will see if I can write something after this. It's a pretty quiet shift at the moment. Euro 2004 fever coupled with Youth Day tomorrow equals fewer ER attendances.
Well, at least I hope it does.

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