Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Sorry, my brain matter's a little mashed up right now. Blame it on a loooong night at a mass casualty exercise that turned out to be something of a letdown -- details scarce in the interest of national security ( and self-preservation :P). Sure, getting out of the ER -- which had a waiting list of 30 when I left -- was, of course, a huge bonus. But climbing in and out of vehicles, loading and unloading equipment and enduring long road trips in the middle of the night took its toll on me towards the end, mostly because I'd slept a total of ONE hour earlier that day.
The morning after that exhausting activity was spent nursing a stomachache from some oily satay supper ( courtesy of my consultant ) at Glutton Street opposite Centrepoint. But it wasn't the food that caused the problem. Maybe just the fact that I don't normally engage in gorge-fests at 4am in the morning.
Anyhow, I just had a bleary afternoon, didn't get much studying done, but felt a little more productive after attending a short clinical tutorial at TTSH, with thanks to a very accomodating consultant there.
I'm feeling low, despite some good stuff that happened last week. How can this be?! Okay, I failed to mention that it already hit me the day after the Jamie Cullum showcase, when reality reared its ugly head in the middle of an impossibly busy shift, and I suddenly thought: Damn, last night I shook hands with a guy whose music I can't live without, and today, kids are vomiting on me left, right, centre. Kinda like leaping off a skyscraper and landing with a splat. Right, a little too graphic perhaps. :)
Or maybe it's the exam stress getting to me. And so many errands to run as I hand in forms for AST / MOPEX, buy yet another A&E text ( this time a recently published local effort ), and try to disassociate myself from the paediatric mindset ( detrimental to the process of thinking straight during mostly-adult-topics emergency medicine tutorials ).
Yikes, I can't even write properly. Did you understand any of the above paragraphs?
Well, at least I got my photos developed. Those taken at The Esplanade ( Ten Tenors and Hello Broadway ) turned out really well, but Jamie Cullum's were rather dark, and some idiot in front of me kept getting in the way. Still, I've got 2 great shots which are extremely sharp and in vivid colour. Jamie actually looks different in them -- a lot younger ( maybe even less than 20 years old! ) and more baby-faced. No idea why this happened, but it's perfectly all right. :)
Another day off tomorrow, but am gonna spend it driving from one end of the island to the other. Yippee.

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