Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Don't Rain On My Parade!
-- lyrics from a song taken off the musical Funny Girl

Aaaaaahhhh. It's 11:20pm, I've just had a very uneventful off-standby day ( ie. I didn't get called back, YES!) and now there's a goofy grin on my face which will probably last another 2 weeks.

The Reason...

I got tickets to Jamie Cullum's Singapore showcase next Friday night, woohoo! Don't ask me how they landed in my lap. I'm forever indebted to this one extremely generous person, but sadly, I can't mention any names. You know who you are. Thank you thank you thank you again! :)

Spider-Man 2: A Brief Review

It's really good! More below.

**Spoilers ahead**

I thought the first film was fantastic, but the sequel blew me away.

The storyline's more fleshed out this time round, the actors have settled into their roles very nicely, the action sequences are unbelievable, and the romance element even more bittersweet.

Apologies for the lack of details as per my usual rants about movies. I'm very rushed for time at the moment, and just want to say that:

1. Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst share some of the greatest on-screen magic ever.
2. James Franco ( Harry Osbourne ) has definitely been working out -- he looks buff compared to his scrawny self 2 years ago. And, he's even more fascinating than before -- there're already clear indications he'll be the villain for Spider-Man 3. Cool. :D
3. The harrowing operating theatre scene had me biting my nails. And I don't bite my nails. Ever. ( More on The Lingual Nerve )
4. Peter Cincotti makes a brief cameo in a glitzy party scene -- he's the pianist with the floppy hair and beaming smile. All of 3 seconds. Darn it!
5. The bit where Mary Jane sees Spider-Man with his mask off made a lot of people cry. Well, my batch, at least. As well as the part where she left the groom at the altar and went to look for Peter. Is it just me, or did the line "I've always been standing in your doorway" make you choke up too? Sigh, I'm a hopeless romantic at heart no matter what. :P

Go see it!

Next up, King Arthur ( opens 14 July ), produced by Jerry Bruckheimer, and starring the very broody Clive Owen as the great King. I need beta-blockers! :D

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