Tuesday, October 15, 2002

Full review of Six Feet Under

My new quick fix. :) It kept me wide awake for 120 minutes yesterday afternoon, despite my being post-call. What a knockout of a TV series! I don't really like that other HBO production -- ie. The Sopranos -- but this one is right up my alley ( I love American Beauty, after all. )
Basically revolving around a super-dysfunctional family after the death of the patriach and the return of the prodigal son, it's an absolute riot also because of its setting -- a funeral home, where death is taken very very seriously, almost revered even. Plus, there are regular snippets of outrageous advertisements plugging everything from the new stylish hearse to embalming fluid, complete with energetic dance choreography and slinky models. Dying never looked more appealing. :)
However, I think the scripts are the main draw. Sarcasm reigns, and reading between the lines is a must. "Racquetball partner" is a euphemism for "gay lover", by the way.
My favourite characters? Easy. Brenda the masseuse, played by Rachel Griffiths. A free spirit who may just end up as Nate's soul-mate, she is, in my opinion, the most watchable cast member. Although I think all the actors who portray the family are reasonably good, I like Brenda the most. My second favourite guy is the mortician -- I can't recall his name at the moment, but he's the cute, short one. :)
Here're a few pearls from the debut episode, to whet your appetite for more. ( The 3rd installment airs tonight on HBO at 10pm, and I'm definitely staying up for it! )

1. "There's been an accident. The car is totalled, your father's dead, and my pot roast is ruined."
-- Ruth Fisher, the deceased's grieving widow
2. "If there's any justice in the universe, she's shovelling s**t in hell."
-- family member's comment while viewing his relative's dead body at the wake

I heard good reviews from friends who saw Scrubs last night. Shall watch my recording today and post something later this week.

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