Wednesday, October 23, 2002

I'm posting in between changes, so let's see how much I can type in 15 minutes. :)

Okay, it's been a while since I wrote something properly, so forgive me for rambling!

The 2nd episode, surprise, surprise, is a lot better than the pilot. I actually started liking the main character -- but I still can't remember his name, darn it. In fact, I feel for him. I really do. The janitor hates him, the girl he lusts after now puts him in the "friend zone", his best pal is busy with the ICU nurse. Poor fellow. The jokes also improved this time round, with less emphasis on physical humour and more on the verbal. Looks like I'll be tuning in for a longer period then.
Good quote: "Take your blah-blah to the blah-blah-ologist!" -- spoken by an irate resident when repeatedly approached by the intern for advice.

And since I'm on the topic of good quotes, here're 2 more:
1) "Sometimes I'm glad I only deal with dead people." -- medical examiner from "C.S.I."
2) "I think our sister was high on crystal meth the night our father died."
"Oh my God, isn't that a horse tranquilizer?"
-- whispered conversation between Nate and David Fisher from "Six Feet Under"

The Oct 21 issue of Time magazine has a fabulous feature on forensic science, with an application to the investigation of the Beltway killings, aka the Washington/Virginia sniper murders. "C.S.I." fans will recognize much of the technology, and this brain fingerprinting thing has also been mentioned on "Alias" ( a fantastic series which I failed to talk about in my blog, but there's no point anymore 'cos the season's ended ). Cool stuff there.

And as for the last 5 minutes I have to spare, I shall devote them to The Bachelor.
Following in the footsteps of "Who Wants To Marry A Millionaire" and "Who Wants To Be A Princess", this one pits 25 hopeful single females against one another as they jostle for the chosen man's affections.
I like reality shows, so this one's right up my alley. The guy's admittedly not too bad -- tall, hunky, quite pleasant-looking, supposedly smart ( if you take Harvard and Stanford degrees seriously ), and willing to settle down. Perfect.
Then you have the char-bohs ( Hokkien for women ), or as I prefer to call them, "desperados". It's painful to watch them compete and bawl their eyes out when they're kicked out of the first round. Sure, they ALL claim they're great people, with lots of love to give, that the man ( named Alex ) is definitely what they want in a guy, etc. But I just feel they're also awfully superficial. Just take note of how many times they gush, "He's so handsome!" versus "He's sweet and intelligent, with a good heart." and you'll understand what I'm talking about.
However, one woman stands out. Her name's Shannon, and she's the only one among the horde who seems genuinely nice. She gave Alex a gift -- but without flashing it around, which earns her bonus points -- and is very pretty in my opinion, with understated class and elegance. I hope he'll choose her, but such things are so unpredictable, so who knows what'll happen?

That's it for the moment. Have to go catheterize someone, so adios.

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