Friday, October 18, 2002

It's 7:30am on Saturday morning, and just taking a slow breather before starting rounds.
Just wanted to bring your attention to this wonderful blog I got off the list, titled Life In The Freezer, and posted on regularly by its founder, Gillian Hadley. I haven't read through it in great detail, but was captivated by the beautiful photos he's uploaded, featuring breath-taking shots of Antarctica. From what I can gather from the skimming I've done, this is an expedition of sorts, comprising a group of people from various US states, coming together to observe the wildlife there. However, scroll down for an attention-grabbing pic of 4 of the expedition members -- one of whom, named Darren, is a veritable hunk. :) I was browsing this in the hospital ward, and suffice to say, this photo had all the nurses ooh-ing and aah-ing in admiration, haha! Something to perk up your day.

Don't have that much time to write more, so maybe next week then. Will be on call tomorrow, urgh, but who knows, if it's quiet, I may be able to post my review of Scrubs after all.

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