Wednesday, October 02, 2002

Update on the Matt Damon films I mentioned -- got my trusty SCV catalogue beside me right now :)

Okay, The Talented Mr. Ripley is on Star Movies SCV Channel 58 5 Oct at 9pm, and Good Will Hunting is on the same channel a week later on 12 Oct, same time. Try to catch them if you can.
An additional short note about the first film - it's directed by Anthony Minghella, who also directed "The English Patient", and will offer you breath-taking views of Italy. I own the VCD for this, so the scene with Damon ogling Jude Law includes a shot of the latter in the buff ( from behind, that is ). Chances are this will be omitted from the cable version.

And did anyone catch last night's episode of "The Practice" ? What a double whammy of an ending! Hopefully, the subsequent installments will be equally exciting, 'cos this double premiere is certainly one of David E. Kelley's best work.

The 3rd season of "The Amazing Race 3" begins 3 Oct ( tomorrow ) so keep a lookout for it. And "Six Feet Under" pilots on HBO 12 Oct ( Saturday 10:50 pm ) and will be shown weekly thereafter on Tuesdays ( beginning 15 Oct ). Yum :)

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