Tuesday, October 08, 2002

Note to those who would like to catch episodes from the 2nd season of C.S.I. Cable is showing reruns every Monday at 2pm and 10pm on AXN Channel 19. Sure beats the midnight screening of the pilot season on Channel 5. But what can you expect in a country that values the WWF above, say, an intelligent medical/criminal drama...

Caught The Amazing Race 3 -- didn't have to time to write about it till now though. Busy busy busy :( However, this lot of participants rocks! I think all of them have done their homework, probably from tuning in to previous seasons, so almost everyone runs for the more difficult tasks ( e.g. sky-diving vs donkey carts ). They're also more aggressive, younger, and the obstacles are getting a lot scarier. Get a load of the twin brothers cum models named Drew and Derek. Eye candy, but obviously brainless. Still, it's better than nothing. :)

More on Survivor: Thailand. As I predicted, the lone Chinese is being picked on. Shi Ann has already garnered 3 votes during the last tribal council, and no doubt this will increase with upcoming episodes. She is one person who will NOT win this, at least with her arch nemesis Robb the punk bartender around. And what about Ghandia's little tantrum? Here's a married woman who goes around hugging a married man, and blames it on her missing her own husband. Then when the guy gets a little inappropriate in the night, she gets all huffed up and accuses him of treating her like a slut. Hello? You asked for it, woman. Kick her off. Fast.

There was a review of Six Feet Under in the papers yesterday. Sounds good. But the bit about the gay storyline being heavily censored is annoying. Is the Censorship Board still being prudish? This is the 21st century, for pete's sake.

Scrubs will premiere on Channel 5 14 October. Haven't looked up much on this yet, but it's basically about 3 interns coping with life in the hospital, and promises to be a dramedy, a la Ally McBeal.

The upcoming issue of SMA News is jam-packed with articles, so mine on working hours for junior doctors hasn't been fully approved yet. Anyhow, I'll be collaborating with the founders of the sgdr.com website on starting a discussion thread there once the piece is published. Hopefully we'll get a nice debate going, 'cos the site is an excellent meeting place for docs in Singapore -- if anyone would even bother to post something.

Work beckons. Will post reviews of horror movies as promised later this month, plus a theme on films that feature dancing ( inspired by the screening of Billy Elliot on cable this month -- a very funny movie which I highly recommend, btw ). Stay tuned.

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