Sunday, November 30, 2003

1 more hour to go before my night shift ends. Darn server broke down earlier, so I have to reproduce most of my post. :(

Anyway, it's been a pretty good call. No complaints. Plus, I'm counting down to my NZ trip, yay! :D

Here's a link to a post on Clay Aiken Singapore. It features bits from Simon Cowell's book on American Idol, with highlights on his thoughts regarding Clay. Despite his criticisms on the show, his comments here are absolutely glowing. :)

Clay Aiken Singapore Forum -- Thread on Simon's book

If you are asked to register in order to access the thread, just register lah. Real quick, and it's free! :P

And speaking of Clay, it's his 25th birthday today! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CLAY! What a phenomenal year it's been, and millions of lives all over the world have been touched by this remarkable young man. He'll have something else to celebrate come December 20th -- his graduation from UNCC. Congratulations!

Check out new clips of him on 2 X'mas specials below:

AI X'mas Show and Nick @ Nite

I'm going to see if I can watch one of them after this. I keep hearing how wonderful they are, so make sure you take a look! :)

Here's a delayed review of 2 TV reality shows:

The Bachelor -- Singapore television screened the finale of the 3rd season on Thursday, where I got a big kick out of seeing Andrew Firestone pick Jen over Kirsten. I've never liked Kirsten, and neither did Andrew's brother, who took him aside and told him to think very carefully before proposing to her. She appeared to take it well -- saying sweetly, "I want you to be happy. That's what's important.", before turning nasty when riding off in the limo ("Just thinking of him proposing to Jen makes me sick / want to throw up.") My mom and I gasped when we saw this -- sacre bleu!!! Sure, we never rooted for her -- she just seemed so materialistic and fake, not to mention that mysterious "boyfriend" she left hanging back home -- but this really takes the cake. I couldn't be happier for Jen -- down-to-earth, kind, humble, sincere, good-tempered, homely. Andrew, you picked a winner! Word on the Internet states that they're still together, and may get married after a year's engagement. That puts the date tentatively at early 2004. Hope this relationship pulls through, especially after Alex and Aaron fizzled with their ladies.

Survivor:Pearl Islands -- As if one detestable character isn't enough, Jon has overtaken Burton in terms of the "ick" factor after asking his visiting best friend to pretend that Jon's grandmother died in order to help him gain sympathy votes from the other tribe members! I was shocked beyond belief, and of course, no-one knows this. However, Jon has gleefully ( albeit also stupidly ) proclaimed his strategy to the entire world by saying it himself while on camera. Man, I wanted to reach into the TV set and throttle this weasel. This tactic is way below the belt. He should've been kicked off a long time ago. How he managed to come this far is really beyond me.
This week, Tijuana was voted out. But next week, watch as hot potato Sandra does what I was hoping she would -- egging the other females on to kick the guys out. Yes! These 2 fellows don't deserve to win! If it were Rupert, I'd want him to be in the final two for sure, but NOT, DEFINITELY NOT Burton or Jon.

And before I go off, let's talk about Michael Jackson :)

The mugshot in yesterday's paper said it all. Jackson has aged tremendously, looking haggard and sad, with a deer-in-the-headlights expression, as if asking, "Why is this happening to me?", or "Why are you doing this to me?" (take your pick). I can't possibly say if he's innocent or not, but I can just as easily imagine why he'd molest a boy, or believe that he's totally incapable of such an act. He's just too difficult to understand, behaving so erratically that no-one can be sure anymore. But I'd like to think that he isn't guilty. The prosecutor in charge of this case sounds like he's got some personal vendetta against Jackson, which always gets my hackles up ( just watch me during episodes of "The Practice" and you'll know what I'm talking about :D ). With his fortune dwindling and poor sales of his latest CD, he may very well end up penniless and destitute in his old age. I only hope his two children won't become media freak shows as a result of all this.

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