Monday, November 17, 2003

Braiken News :)

Clay won the Fan's Choice award at the recently concluded 31st American Music Awards which was telecast this morning Singapore time over cable TV. I happened to be at home -- I'm on night shift later -- but shared the good news with fellow fans via phone and SMS. There was a small gathering at one of the ladies' homes, which I was too tired to drive to ( sorry :)), but it was great screaming with them when they called just after Clay walked off the stage with the prize. Woohoo! :D

Here're pictures from the show:

AMA Photos

And Clay's mom, Faye, in a TV interview after his win, said she's really happy, that she and his grandma cried when he won, and Clay himself said he'd like to move back to Raleigh once the time is right and he's no longer needed so much in LA. Good for you, Clay. :)

Clay's date is a young lady named Amber, whom Faye says is one of his friends from college. :)

Okay, time to take a nap. Had very little sleep last night! :P
Congratulations to Clay from the Singapore camp!

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