Friday, November 07, 2003

And the madness begins. :)

Hey Mark, hope you don't mind my replying to your comments in this entry. I'm so tired right now I just want to get all my thoughts down in one sitting.

My first night shift since the new batch of MOs arrived, and as expected, it's been rough. No sleep at all, a persistent queue that can't be cleared -- it's 6 am, and there're still cases waiting -- and my efforts to help the newbies out were sabotaged by some complicated cases on my end. Had a cream puff for supper, some water to wash it down, and only the Internet -- with my Yahoo mail, my blog, and the Clay Aiken site :P -- are keeping me sane. 8am can't get here soon enough.

So Mark, did you see Matrix Revolutions? My guess is yes. Do tell. :)

Am a bit worried about my leave situation. My NZ trip is already confirmed, but I've been asked -- gently, of course :) -- to start a night shift on Dec 22. Considering the fact that I'll be leaving NZ on the afternoon of Dec 22, thus arriving in Singapore only around 11pm that same night ( time difference taken into account ), and since I'll need a day to recuperate, unpack, and fetch my poor, lonely cat from Pets Station, I can't officially return to work till X'mas Eve. It's a terrible dilemma, but after wracking my brain ( while seeing an endless stream of patients -- no fun, I assure you ), I've come up with a tentative alternative solution, which I hope my chief will consider and agree to. Please, please, please....... Will update as soon as I know. ( if you're interested in my ramblings :D)

Okay, time to shift the focus off my egoistic self, and recommend a blog that apparently links to mine. Here it is:

Ron Silliman's Blog

From what I could gather from my short stop there ( before a guy with intractable seizures interrupted me ), it's a very philosophical site, very literary, very intriguing. Will try to read more when I have some time. Thanks for the link, by the way. :)

And looks like I can't leave Clay out of my post after all. :P

He was just on The Ellen Degeneres Show, and you can see the video at this link:

Airplay Central

Taking a while to download. If I have the chance, I'll write about it later. If not, just watch it for yourself -- ah, the grumpiness sets in again. :)

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