Monday, November 10, 2003

Mark: Yes, I'm still alive, but barely. :) The shifts are taking a toll on me. Not that I don't like what I do -- it's just making me so very exhausted, such that I can't do anything besides slouch in the armchair and stare blankly at the TV, or zonk out for hours on my comfy bed. My emergency medicine texts are collecting dust. :)

Here's a link to the Clay Aiken Singapore Forum, which was just launched a couple of days ago. I haven't started posting yet 'cos I'm waiting for my account to be activated. ( I think I have some sort of "moderator" status, hmmm. :))

Anyhow, the new MOs are still in the early stages of coping. Waiting times aren't terrible, but definitely longer than before. Tempers, on the other hand, are short. I have a pretty high threshold for losing my cool -- I fume silently, but don't usually lash out -- but the nurses and health attendants tell me other junior docs in the ER haven't been very nice to them during busy shifts. Long faces, sarcastic remarks, with one even asking that her queue be stopped ( why? because she had too many patients waiting! ). Interesting concept, but sadly, not feasible. :/

Speaking as an emergency medicine trainee, I guess my tolerance for heavy workloads, a fast pace and daily stress should be high. Still, the last batch of MOs seemed to adapt really well under similar conditions, especially on crazy Monday and Saturday mornings, and some legendary night shifts. Most of them were older, with more work experience, and many were married. Do those factors play a part? Am beginning to miss the "good ol' days". :D

Am in the process of watching the HBO Special "Hitler: The Rise Of Evil".
I've always been fascinated with Hitler's legacy in World War II, and this 2-parter is very compelling. A riveting performance from Robert Carlyle ( the lead actor in "The Full Monty" ) lifts this above the usual dull documentary film format, and the supporting cast ( Matthew Modine -- whom I had a big crush on when I was younger :P -- Liev Schreiber, Julianna Margulies, Peter O'Toole ) add polish.

A bit from Part 1 made me sit up. In it, Modine, playing a journalist who opposes Hitler's anti-Semite ramblings, speaks to a roomful of colleagues, as he states his case for stopping the presses and changing the headlines to one that takes a firm stand against the latter's campaign to expunge Jews from Germany and the world at large.
In this poignant scene, Modine says:
"The worst thing we can do... is nothing."
Eight simple words filled with so much meaning. Something to think about in everything any of us does in life.

Time to sleep some more. ;)
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