Saturday, June 12, 2004

I'm feeling rather uninspired lately. Or maybe it's a hormonal thing. ( Yeah, blame the hormones. THAT'S easy. :))

Revision for the MRCS Part 2 is getting under way, and the stress level steadily increases. Hopefully I'll be able to clear it on the first attempt, 'cos I'm going to take advantage of the AST exercise for November and apply ASAP. Me, a registrar. *shudder* :P

The Joint Venture is coming along nicely, and contrary to what a few people think, it isn't detrimental to my studies lah . In fact, it's relieving the tension quite effectively. Something to look forward to. A myriad of possibilities. An opportunity to hit back at the local press. *evil cackle*
Back to the point: confirmed launch date -- July 1st. Watch for it!

Just caught the movie "Stuck on You" on DVD.
It's a Farrelly brothers film ( Something About Mary, Shallow Hal ), and although I've never been a fan ( I don't enjoy crass humour ), this effort is actually really really good. The script is sensitively written, the funny bits are laugh-out-loud calibre, yet the concept of conjoined twins never degenerates into slapstick territory.

The leads -- Matt Damon and Greg Kinnear -- have great chemistry, and the supporting characters ( including an interesting Chinese female penpal who falls in love with one of them ) add to the delightful mix. Farrelly brothers => heartwarming, thought-provoking fare? You bet. What a terrific way to spend my post-night afternoon. :)

Last night's Nip / Tuck had me in stitches yet again. Xena ( a fellow blogger ) thinks it's a little strange, which I definitely agree with. But I'm a little strange myself, so... ;)
Anyway, no detailed review here. Saving that for either the Joint Venture, or the SMA News. Sorry. :)

Signing off to go hit the books.

A fond farewell to re-minisce, who will be leaving our shores in a few days' time. Safe journey, dood. :D

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