Sunday, June 06, 2004

Very Quick Update

Clay Aiken Singapore's Valentine's Day Project for the Autism Association Singapore has been featured on the Bubel/Aiken Foundation website, thanks to the BAF's attorney, Fran Skinner-Lewis, who took us under her wing and first suggested publicizing CAS' maiden effort in charity work.

Here's the link. We're right at the top, woohoo! :)

CAS' V-Day Project on TBAF's Website

Those interested in joining us can find further details in this thread:

CAS Forum -- Volunteering Opportunities

It's a very fulfilling and enjoyable activity, and you'll make lots of great friends ( I know many of these people, so take my word for it! ). As Clay always says so simply yet profoundly: It isn't necessarily how I make a difference, but I want to make sure that I do.

Got a deadline to meet. Will write more some other time.

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