Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Resistance Is Futile

Two examples:

#1: It's 3am. It's my rest time. And I'm blogging. Someone please throttle me now.

#2: New meaning to the term "shift requests". Over here, it appears that making a request automatically saddles you with the opposite of what you want. Oh, so you need to be off on this day do you? Well then, let me make DOUBLY SURE you WORK! Looking at my June roster was mighty depressing. But at least I've got 3 days of leave in the last week. Will be doing night on my birthday, but hey, I don't start till 11pm, which gives me an entire day to fill with loads of nonsensical activities. :)

Singapore Idol's judges were announced this evening. My mom gave me a quick call ('cos I told her to), and I'm a little surrprised Jacintha and Anita Sarawak aren't part of the team. And no Kumar or Najip Ali?! So does that mean everyone's going to be nice then? How absolutely boring. :P

Just watched "House of Sand And Fog" this afternoon. Was floored by it 'cos it's just THAT good. Okay, so never mind that it's hard to believe someone as exquisite as Jennifer Connelly would be stuck in house-cleaning jobs. ( Almost as dumb as the concept of Nicole Kidman as a janitor in "The Human Stain". ) But the film is well-paced and extremely touching, with just enough irony to make it interesting, and not too much drama to tip it over into a shameless weepie. Extenuating circumstances turn otherwise mild humans into desperate creatures. But no-one can be labelled the good or bad guy here, and that's the beauty of it. Every time you start sympathizing with one or the other, something else occurs that makes you switch sides. In the end, I think, both characters deserve our empathy.
Ben Kingsley ( who plays the male lead )has always had a very respectable acting career, but there's one scene that lingers in my mind: in the last 15 minutes of the film, as he charges through a hospital corridor searching for the ER, he keeps mumbling the word "emergency" over and over again, while stumbling along with a glassy look in his eyes. Suddenly, he crouches, bends over almost, and wails "emergen-CEEEE!", causing by-standers to reel back in shock. Following that split second of agony, he's up on his feet again, running off to continue his mission.


I've got "28 Days Later" sitting at home, which I shall get to after my shift ends. Will be leaving the hospital at 6am, bwa-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha! I'll review the show another time. :D

And if, for some reason you're at home today at around 9am, be sure to tune in to The Oprah Winfrey Show on cable Channel 18, for her interviews with the stars of "Troy". It's a repeat telecast of Monday afternoon's episode, which I managed to catch only 30 minutes of 'cos I got home late after lunch. In a nutshell: Eric Bana is one fantastic-looking man. He's taller than Brad Pitt, which I didn't realize till now. And he just looks... yummy. Sorry, I shouldn't drool in front of others. :P
There's a segment where Oprah plays a clip from an ancient Pitt movie -- "Johnny Suede" -- in which he sports 4-feet-high hair, and sings while strumming a guitar. He can hold a tune, but when Oprah tells her audience "Did you know Brad can sing?", he quickly corrects her by dryly replying, "Wait a minute, Oprah -- Brad canNOT sing." That was funny. :D

In Reply To Fellow Bloggers

re-minisce: suprapubic aspirations of paeds patients? Is that how it works in the UK? Or were you joking? Sorry, can never tell with The Man With The Mysterious Sense of Humour. ;)

Lucian: Further details of The Joint Venture have to remain vague for the moment, for err, security reasons, heh heh. But more information will be supplied on a timely basis, so be patient. :)

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban opens this week. Better book my tickets online now. :D

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