Saturday, April 03, 2004

And so it's done.

I've made a small change. See if you can spot it. :)

Reason for small change? Returning to basics. Paying tribute to my favourite actor, who's responsible for this site's address after all.

I briefly considered rebooting Haloscan so the comments would be erased yet again, providing a pseudo-clean slate. But so many of you know me already. Would it have made any significant difference?

Maybe this small change doesn't really matter. But I feel a need to distance myself a little. People tell me I reveal too much in a too public domain. Meeting my fellow bloggers this past week has illustrated the folly of being too frank when my real identity is put out there for all to see.

Hmm. Some changes need to be made. Or at least TRY to be made.

Keep reading though. :)

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