Friday, April 30, 2004

Concerning re-minisce's latest entry about 15 minutes and all its untold opportunities -- am I reading it right? Can never tell with this fellow. ;)

--> Not so long ago, some show on TV ( ?title ) had this woman lamenting how she'd just wasted 2 hours doing something useless. "Two hours I'll never get back."
Time waits for no man. Hmm, I think I've done quite a few "useless" things already. *Cold sweat*

My next trip to That CD Shop will entail...

...sampling this guy's album. ( Is it any good? He sounds like a jazzy John Mayer. Interest piqued... )

Whenever my next foray into town may be. Extremely strapped down by work. But at least I'm working. :/

I've never packed so much in my entire life. This is the second time I'm moving - ever - and funny that both shifts occurred within a year of each other. I swear I'm going to stay put at this new place for the rest of my life. Can't take this anymore.

Yesterday, while driving to work at around 3:30pm, I found myself belting out "The Way You Look Tonight" at full volume in my car. I was alone, of course, and suddenly decided to turn the stereo down and sing my guts out. I did the Michael Buble version. A bit truncated since I'm bad with lyric-memorizing, but it did wonders for my mood. 2 minutes of yowling, then it was back to my Peter Cincotti CD. I did it again this evening as well. Heh. :)

Momentary memory lapse:
Last night, when I didn't set the right channel for my recording of "The O.C.", aaargh! Good thing my mom watched, so she updated me on what happened. :P Ended up watching "C.S.I." instead. Plot involved a jealous surgeon murdering a young nurse who left him for a younger doctor. The killer dismembered his junior colleague for good measure as well. Not one of the better episodes, but at least in this one Grissom starts to show some interest in Sara -- I have 2 words for her: Greg Sanders ( played by the irrepressibly cheeky Eric Szmanda )! Why go chasing after a gray-haired, emotionally confused recluse, when you can have an energetic, good-looking guy who makes no effort at concealing his feelings?
Obvious answer: Ratings, ratings, ratings. :D

John Stevens is out of American Idol 3. He's a nice chap, but absolutely failed vocally. Everyone else got better, while he just kept getting worse. Simon, however, gave him credit for having a good attitude, and wished him good luck in the future. Now George is the only male contestant left. If he gets the boot, the top 4 will be an all-girl line-up. My bet is on LaToya. She's dynamite!

Also, William Hung's coming to Singapore in June. For a "performance". Good Lord.

Movie quote today is from "Love Actually", a film I haven't seen as yet, but which I hope to very soon. Think I'll start a string of Hugh Grant lines for the next week. :)

Natalie ( a maid the PM falls in love with ): [talking about her ex-boyfriend] He says no one's going to fancy a girl with thighs the size of big tree trunks. Not a nice guy, actually, in the end.

Prime Minister ( played by Grant ): Right. Goodness. Well, well. You know, being Prime Minister, I could just have him murdered.

Have been subpoenaed to show up in court, KIV to submit testimonies in 2 trials next month. My first time, despite writing countless medical reports these past few years. The cases may or may not appear in the papers. Huge inconvenience, but apparently I may get off work, AND get paid extra for my troubles. Not too bad then. :)

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