Monday, January 05, 2004

6hours into my night shift, and I've already seen more than 45 patients!? But instead of the usual crop of NS boys, I encountered people from the older age group this time round, and with legitimate complaints too. So although it was extremely busy, my mood has remained pretty good, 'cos I don't have to field nonsense cases. Energy level at 3 am is at a relatively decent level. We couldn't split at 1am, which is the norm on most nights, but we did manage to put up a rest-time roster starting at 2. I've got another hour to go before my turn comes. Pleeeeeease let it be quiet. :(

Before I forget, just want to apologize to those of you who've been waiting for my posts on the NZ trip. I'm holding them off for now, as I'm contributing an article or two to our medical association's recreational magazine. Once I iron out which locations they'd like me to write about, I'll make entries on the places that I'm not talking about for the mag. The LOTR tour is almost confirmed for publication, so unfortunately, I won't be writing about that as yet on the blog. But you can always visit the respective websites for more info in the meantime. :)

I watched a recording of "Boiling Point", screened over Channel i on Friday, which starred Dennis Hopper and Viggo Mortensen when they were perhaps 15 years younger. My interest in this obscure film extends only as far as Mortensen's involvement is concerned, and it was indeed an interesting experience. He looked very boyish, with a bit of a tummy showing ( he doesn't have that now though ), and was a lot more engaging than Hopper or Wesley Snipes ( the other co-star ). Viggo played an ex-con who is soft-spoken, even shy at times, but has no qualms about blasting someone with a rifle or beating his girlfriend. His character was killed in the end, about 10 minutes before the actual finale, but I switched the TV off once Viggo got offed. It was, on the whole, a rather stupid show, but it's always fun to see my favourite actors before they hit the big leagues. Other examples:

John Cusack -- Say Anything
Matt Damon and Ben Affleck -- School Ties
Kevin Spacey -- The Usual Suspects, Se7en, The Buddy Factor

If I seem a little talkative, it's because the queue has finally stopped *YES!* 15 minutes to go then I can eat something and lie down for a bit. The Chinese New Year goodies are available for consumption, and I just bought a whole chunk of them -- pineapple tarts, love letters, mandarin oranges, etc. -- from the 727/717 Cakerie outlet at Highland Centre in Kovan today. This chain sells the best durians, and puts them into everything from puffs to cakes to mousse and even sandwiches. They're awfully sinful, but terribly yummy. Gonna put on some weight this month! :P

Clay News

He's doing very well in CD sales and chart numbers, and has surpassed American Idol winner Ruben Studdard on all counts! Rolling Stone gave a very poor review of the latter's album, Soulful, which doesn't bode well for the big guy.

Anyway, Clay's music video for "Invisible" was featured on MTV Asia's Hitlist this week, as one that's "making waves", ie. causing a lot of buzz, and likely to hit the charts very soon. And being a Clay fan, it's my duty to ask you to vote and request on MTV Asia. :D I'm already doing it, so if you're a fellow Claymate, by all means, follow suit!

His next single will be "The Way", one of my favs on the Measure Of A Man CD. Wonder what the vid will be like? ( Please put him in a suit :) )

Here's the website link:

MTV Asia

You can request on MTV's Most Wanted programme. Thank you!

And... if you'd like to read some uplifting stuff, look no further than the December issue of the Singapore Medical Association newsletter.

Dr. Wong Ting Hway, who was the first Singaporean doctor to join the International Red Cross full-time for a stint to Nepal last year, contributes a piece on her time in Angola with Doctors Without Borders back in 2001. She's one of the most humble and warm-hearted individuals I know, and this terrific article features beautiful photographs as well. My thanks to her for agreeing, at my gentle prodding, to share her experiences with us. A must read!

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