Saturday, January 10, 2004

Good Saturday morning! It's 7am right now, I'm an hour away from ending my night shift, and let's see, I've had a total of, HA! ONE HOUR OF SLEEP IN THE PAST 24 HOURS! Not feeling too tired at the moment, but I'll definitely feel it once I get home and eat breakfast. It always hits me round about 9am, then I'll be out like a light. Can't sleep much either, 'cos I have a speech to complete. Not complaining -- it's for an old friend's wedding on Sunday, and I consider it a great honour to be asked to emcee. Just wish my roster allowed more off days. :(

This is only the 2nd night shift I've done in the past 7 months where I never got to rest. It wasn't that horrible actually. Just that we kept taking turns to get held up with this and that, thus keeping the other MO from resting during his turn. At about 5am, one guy was in resus holding the fort, I was seeing cases in consult, and the remaining fellow had 4 laceration cases to clear. The highlight of the shift was probably the 40-year-old man who suddenly collapsed during sexual intercourse with his wife. We couldn't save him, and the family was extremely upset -- not with the doctors and nurses, just you know, really really torn up about his death. Everyone started wailing in a rather scary manner, but I felt really sad for them, 'cos he was obviously very loved, and his teenage son was crying very badly. I was the one who broke the news to them -- my consultant was around, but hey, I need to know how to do this if I'm gonna be a registrar soon -- and I tell you, no matter how hardened you think you are, nothing ever prepares you for such major outpouring of grief. I don't think I'll ever be immune to it, and it'll be even worse with kids. Probably the most difficult part of being a doctor.

Anyway, at least I've kept my spirits up with some light reading on the Clayboard. Check out this thread on "Snarky Clay" -- our nickname for Clayisms, which are witty barbs from the man himself. He's super-fast with the comebacks, and although interviewers in the US take it in their stride, note that The New Paper's Jean-Marie Tan took offense when she spoke to Clay recently. This is so typical of someone who doesn't know her interview subject well enough. Or maybe she's just really uptight. ;)

Here's the link. Get ready for some big laughs! :D

Snarky Clay Thread

I'm typing this real fast, so let's hope I don't make another "Freudian slip" today, haha!

Another TV show worth catching: "Faking It" on Discovery Channel 12 every Friday 7-8pm, with repeats at 1am. I haven't seen any episode yet, but last night's blurb mentions how a professional drag racer is transformed into a drag queen -- a definite must-see! I'll post my thoughts after I view the recording. Might take a few days if I'm too exhausted or busy.

Okay then, I'm gonna sign off for now. Ending with more Clay updates: his concert tour has been confirmed to be starting in February 2004, but he will be sharing the stage with, ummm, Kelly Clarkson. They will apparently take turns at headlining, and all bets are on that happening in his hometown of Raleigh. Fellow fans in Singapore are all set to travel to the US to see him, although I am, very sadly, unable to follow suit 'cos I have no leave left, sob! But I wish them the very best of luck, and hope they'll all have the chance to meet him up close and personal. I hope to have that same opportunity sometime in the near future. :)

Clay's Invisible video is now receiving airplay daily on MTV Asia, which is absolutely fantastic! Be sure to watch MTV Asia Hitlist on Sunday at 7pm, 'cos he's debuted at #17. :D And keep requesting on the MTV Asia website, for the MTV Most Wanted programme!

15 minutes more. Stay awake... stay awake... stay awake...
The morning shift people had BETTER ARRIVE ON TIME!!! :P

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