Saturday, January 24, 2004

After getting home at close to 1am this morning, thanks to a busy afternoon shift *yawn*, I'm doing 9-5 today, and feeling a bit tired from lack of sleep. It's pretty crowded in the ER due to the post-New Year surge, but no frivolous attendances as yet. Lots of trauma cases, with people getting their hands and fingers slammed by doors and such. For some strange reason, I find that rather amusing. :P *wake up, wake up!*

Here're some links for your entertainment:

Clay on Jay Leno
-- scroll down to look for the heading. I don't have video on the computer I'm using at the moment, but I do have sound, and Clay's definitely improving on his live performances of The Way ( his 2nd single off the album ). He started out a little wobbly on some of his earlier deliveries, but is steadying nicely now. It's a tough song, with lots of high, running notes, but he's nailing it. :)

Just heard the interview segment -- no picture, aargh! Darn computer! :( But listening to Clay and Jay banter is good enough for me. Leno already sounds fully Clayverted, which is terrific, and Clay is his exuberant, snarky self, cracking jokes non-stop and showing off his ability to laugh at himself. He still talks about his "makeover", and how his driver's licence photo is a pre-transformation version -- Leno described it as "Jeff Goldblum (something something)". I couldn't read lips here, so if you catch it ( Marilez, help! :D ), tell me what he said!
My favourite bit is where Clay says he lost his wallet after he sang at the World Series, and how it's now "probably on eBay". That line just shot out of him from nowhere, and had me laughing hard! :) I just love his sharp wit!

Van Helsing
-- I completely forgot to put this in yesterday after getting sidetracked by sick patients. I just saw the trailer 2 nights ago, after AI3, and whoa, it looks REALLY good! Hugh Jackman's a big draw for me, but throw in Dracula, Wolf Man and Frankenstein's Monster, and I'm there! :D It's directed by Stephen Sommers, who helmed The Mummy and The Mummy Returns, both rolicking action-adventures that smoothly mixed Egyptian myth with stunning visual effects, humour and Indiana-Jones-type antics. If that mouthful wasn't enough to whet your appetite, then I don't think there's anything else I can say to convince you otherwise. :P Click on the link to view the trailer.

My parents told me over breakfast that the BBC reported something about Britney Spears' ex-husband hauling her to court for emotional distress. I didn't hear this myself, and haven't seen it on the Internet, so I'm just guessing here. What's-his-name sure cashed in big, getting invited to talk shows, giving magazine interviews, and now, embarrassing the poor girl. I used to think he was the victim, but it doesn't look like it anymore. Shame on you, err, whatever your name is.

It's only 2:30pm and I've seen almost 30 patients so far. At this rate, I may hit 40 before I get to go home. Sigh... 5pm can't get here fast enough.

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