Thursday, January 15, 2004

Darn, now I'm confused.

Should women stay single?

Thanks to Dave Barry, or should I say, "judi". Yay, Dave's blog is up and running again!

Dave Barry's Blog

So was it a good call? I'd say yes. It's 7am, and I've seen less than 20 patients! Somebody pinch me! :D

And looky here: humour on a local news site!

ChannelNewsAsia Cable Car Story

I emailed the link to Dave Barry, so don't be surprised if it shows up in one of his later entries. He gets thousands of hits a day. Wouldn't this be a nice way to introduce his readers to Singapore -- the land of crazies who can't wait to dehydrate in a flimsy metal box hanging from an even flimsier wire. :P

Now hoping the morning shift people won't be late.

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