Sunday, January 11, 2004

9-5 shift this Sunday morning. I'm an hour away from freedom, and have already seen close to 50 patients. I kid you not! FIFTY!!! They just keep on coming! :(

Anyhow, I'm just thankful I'm physically well. Had to miss a very good friend's wedding a few weeks ago when I had food poisoning, but this time, I'm good to go and emcee another good pal's wedding dinner. Stage fright! :P But at least I have a fellow year-mate ( also a doctor ) who's doing the Mandarin parts. Whew! :)

Check out this blog! It's a houseman's, I know that at least. :) I haven't had the chance to read everything yet, but it's always fun to hear about a fellow doc's experiences, not to mention, ahem, her crushes on someone at work. :D

Hey, I've had my share of crushes too, so no, I'm not making fun of anyone here. Some male doctors are really attractive fellows. Once, when I was a 1st year MO in SGH, my houseman caused a lot of distraction on a daily basis, 'cos he's actually older than I am ( he studied overseas ), and is extremely good-looking and, err, not shy. :) But he's a nice guy, and we've stayed in touch these past 4 years, meeting up once in a while. He left medicine for aviation ( you heard right! ), so he'll be flying a commercial airline sometime in the near future. I can already picture him in a pilot's uniform. God help all his female colleagues and passengers!
Then of course, you have crushes on your seniors as well. Registrars, even consultants. You'd be surprised at how charismatic some of them are, even if they're much older and not that gorgeous. Especially the surgeons. Makes working life all the more interesting and bearable, haha! :P

Anyway, this blog is a nice pacy read. Enjoy!

Glaywitch's Blog [ link has been deleted at my discretion, with apologies :) ]

I'll post again after the dinner. Hopefully there won't be any embarrassing moments to report! Wish me luck. :D

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