Tuesday, January 20, 2004

Finally, it's 10pm. One more hour to tahan. And after going through a few chapters of my A&E text, I think I'll just call it a day and read as many Dave Barry columns as I can possibly lay my hands on before I go home. Here's a sample for ya:

2003: A Dave Odyssey

Click on "January" at the bottom of the article to start sifting month by month. Laughs guaranteed. :D

** Quote from the March summary: "An outbreak of the SARS virus in Asia is blamed for dozens of deaths, many of them travel agents committing suicide."

** From May: "Elsewhere abroad, Chinese health authorities, stung by accusations that they have been slow in reacting to the SARS virus, announce that they will execute anybody who gets sick."

**From September: "In his victory statement, (Arnold ) Schwarzenegger announces that he will appoint a stunt governor, who will handle the tasks that he is physically unable to perform, such as pronouncing words." and "China, culminating a two-decade effort to develop a manned spaceflight program, puts its first astronaut in orbit. Work begins immediately on a program to develop a way to get him back down."

**November: "In other entertainment news, pop superstar Michael Jackson again finds himself in legal trouble when authorities in Santa Barbara order him fingerprinted and booked on charges of ''extreme creepiness, even for California.'' Jackson's attorney expresses outrage, telling a press conference that his client ''doesn't even HAVE fingerprints.''

**AND December: "The month's biggest surprise occurs when U.S. troops finally capture a filthy and bedraggled Saddam Hussein hiding in a hole along with 11 other members of the cast of the CBS reality show Survivor: Iraq. "

And not forgetting this article on the presidential race in the US, which had me laughing so hard -- but desperately stifling it 'cos I'm still technically working a shift -- I had to maintain a Valsalva manoeuvre so long I almost passed out. Well, only doctors will understand the joke I just made, so... :)

A big carrot calls for peas on earth by Dave Barry

Time to go home now. Adios!

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