Saturday, January 24, 2004

One more hour to go. :))

So there's a lull in the queue - at last. A few of the other MOs came by to chat with me, and I directed one of them to this site, thanks again to Dave Barry. Prepare to be blown away -- pun fully intended, heh. :D Kushami !

And more:

Come On Baby, Light My Fire

Back To The Basics
-- key sentences:
(1) "But one woman in her 20s said she found the phone "scary". "Isn't this bad for your health?" she asked."

(2) Another woman, in her 30s, said she was interested in the mobile phone but was self-conscious.

"What troubles me is that I may look weird if I'm talking with the phone pressed between my eyebrows," she said."

Someone-with-too-much-free-time's website

I dare you to tell me these aren't CUTE

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