Tuesday, March 16, 2004

90 minutes more before my shift ends, and there's a big possibility I'll hit 40 cases before going home. Sigh... Since when has Tuesday been NS-boy-with-nonsensical-complaints Day? Saw one with knee pain for 2 years !!!??? And a whole lot of coughs and colds, a few of whom tried to pull fast ones on me by insisting they have no camp MOs -- totally bogus, for your info. One even said his camp MO told him to go to the hospital to get the MC, 'cos certs from polyclinics and GPs won't be entertained. His symptoms? "Feeling tired", coupled with an over-protective mother who seemed more unwell than the patient himself. She's a nice lady, but the boy is so obviously spoiled rotten. Taking Panadeine and claims his headache is killing him, yet refuses admission. Looks perfectly normal. Aaarrrghghghghgh! *pulls hair out* Thank goodness a fellow A&E MO ( my year-mate from med school ) came over to give a short lecture, 'cos my friend was indeed a "camp MO" when he served in the army, and knows all the NS boys' tricks. Trying to exploit an ignorant female, eh? Big mistake. ( Bet the guys call me foul names after leaving the room, but oh well. :))

On to happier things.
Clay Aiken will be singing his latest single, Solitaire, on this week's episode of "American Idol 3". I don't know whether it'll be the first night or the results show, but have your VCRs ready, 'cos the word on the Net is that it's a phenomenal cover. :) BMG Singapore will receive copies later this week, and I've got mine reserved, thanks to the Clay Aiken Singapore fan club. His new video for The Way will also be shown on MTVAsia either today or tomorrow, according to friends who are following the TRL programme. This screens from 8-9pm daily, so watch for it.

Then of course, Michael Buble is rumoured to appear next week, which I'm looking forward to. However, he seems a little new to the music scene to be picked as a judge. Thought they usually choose veterans?

2 more days till the Secret Garden performance at the Esplanade. Have been playing their Songs From A Secret Garden CD in my car. Absolutely beautiful. Will review it the day after. :)

Saw yet another young borderline hypochondriac. People can be so hypersensitive about their health sometimes... Hope I'll see less of these once I turn registrar. Tak boleh tahan.

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