Friday, March 05, 2004

My New Home

Finally saw the completed condo unit a few hours ago, and all I can say is, "Whoa!". It's bigger than I remembered ( that was the showflat ), and extremely bright, thanks to an unobstructed view of the nearby park. Lots of greenery. :)

I love my bedroom, with its bay window area -- perfect for curling up with some cushions, a Root Beer, my Walk/Discman, and a good book. Got a free microwave complimentary of the developers, so for the first time in my life, I'll have one in the house ( yes, I live in the Stone Age, I know :P ). Is it true you can bake cakes with it? Time to learn some recipes. :D

Living room is full of possibilities, thanks to the gigantic glass window. Very windy, bright yet not too sunny. Kitchen is cozy and well-fitted. Pool is just a few metres away from the lift lobby on the ground floor ( yowzah! ) -- one of a total of 3, not counting the partially submerged playground and jacuzzi. :)

We were shown around the place by a very nice man from the head office, who presented us with 2 boxes of goodies from a famous pastry shop, and a metallic silver case that looks like it's used to store whopping amounts of money ( I'm not joking :)). He told us the grounds look their best at night, when all the lights are switched on. Hmm, will have to hang around one evening ( not really possible with my current roster though, darn ).

Had lunch at the nearby mall, which is 5 minutes' drive from the place. Looks newly renovated compared to the last time I dropped by sometime last year. Thank goodness they're finally doing something about the toilets! Those definitely need remodelling.

My mom's really happy with the apartment, and I can't wait to move in. My dad's leaving the arrangements to us, so he'll shift over once everything's in place. Lots of things to settle, which will take me quite a while since I'm so short of time. But once we're finished moving, I'll be a lot happier, 'cos this'll be my permanent home ( and what a home it is :)).

Housewarming party, anyone? ;)

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