Monday, March 22, 2004

I didn't post anything yesterday because my grand total for the 8-4 shift ( on a Sunday, mind you ) was FIFTY . This is absolutely crazy... Was so tired I couldn't attend my friend's wedding dinner. Very sorry about that.

Monday morning has turned out to be better, believe it or not. Looks as if the locals are pre-empting their Monday blues by coming for MCs the day before the work-week starts, so they can sleep in and call in sick.

The abuse of ERs can't be something uniquely Singaporean, right? Other medical blogs I've visited complain about this too, whether it's the US or UK. What we need to do is raise the fees from the current $65-$80 to a whopping $200. And give the doctors the right to refuse to let certain patients utilize their CSC cards. Evil, yes, but I'm sure the government will thank us for helping them save money. Isn't that what politics is all about? But don't worry, something as sensitive as this will never happen. We'll just end up spending more time arguing with patients than actually treating them. Sigh... Oh well, there's always the cocked eyebrow with a subtle frown, followed by an uncomfortable silence, and some exaggerated exhaling on my part. :)

The conspiracy theory concerning Taiwan's new President is running amok. What do you make of that publicity shot of Chen Shui-bian getting stitched up? Looks pretty authentic to me, but I'd much prefer a live action video clip, close-up, in order to make proper judgement. Ah, Taiwan is always such wonderful news fodder. :D

And speaking of news fodder, check out this full-page article in the Home section of The Straits Times today, an excerpt of which is at this link:

Singaporean Men Flock To Batam

No wonder AIDS cases are on the rise here. One guy even claims his wife and daughter support his Batam visits, and know all about his Indonesian girlfriend, who's only 17 years old. The guy's age? 68. *shudder*

And in other news, Singapore's stepping up its security measures on MRT trains, no doubt prompted by the recent Madrid bombings which involved innocent-looking satchels stuffed with explosives left on commuter rail services.

Marshals on MRTs

Time magazine's March 22 issue has an editorial by Richard C. Clarke titled "The New Terrorist Threat". The following sentences put a new light on the current war against terror attacks:

"... in addition to placing more cameras on our train platforms, maybe we should be asking why the terrorists hate us. If we do not focus on the reasons for terrorism as well as the terrorists, the body searches accepted at airports may be only the beginning of life in our new fortress."

Singapore Airlines is featured in Time as well, with a glowing review of the long-haul flight between our nation and Los Angeles. I'm a horrible air-traveller, but reading the journalist's article made me actually WANT to get my butt on the plane. Hope I'll get a chance to do so in the near future. Am making my way through Europe for my next holiday. :)

Last but not least, here's something you should check out. If not for its writing, then DEFINITELY for its pictures.

The WetAss Chronicles

I'm starting to get a headache. Will take my leave early.

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