Sunday, March 07, 2004

Dr. Wong Ting Hway Honoured

Ting Hway, if you read this, congratulations once again! Aiya, why didn't you say anything about this earlier? Only told me you'd be featured in Her World, but nothing more. Okay, can't say this is anything out of character for you either. Always so humble and constantly embarrassed by media coverage. :)

You can read the story here, but hurry, 'cos the link will disappear on Tuesday.

Straits Times Article on Dr. Wong

Ting Hway also contributed to the SMA News' December issue. You can access that via the link on the right, then go to the archives. It's titled "Cold Chains and Hot Spots". Really good. :)

Feeling very sleep-deprived today. 2 night shifts in 4 days, then woke up early to send my mom to church ( my dad was having a bout of gastroenteritis ), then there's the A&E MRCS Part II course which starts tomorrow. Lots of running around all over the island, from NUH to TTSH, SGH, AH and CGH. I don't have any more leave left to claim, so my usual off-days are being used, and even have to work after the course ends on certain afternoons, yikes. Wish me luck. I just hope I don't get sick in the whole process. Very paranoid about that.

Clay's album has hit triple platinum, I hear. Announcement was made at a concert in Washington, and of course, I'm really happy about it. :) Now we're waiting for his next single: The Way / Solitaire. *checks wallet to see if there's any money left :P*

Here's a movie I'd like to recommend to those of you who have a lot of free time and want to watch something that's, um, unconventional. :P It's "The Wisdom of Crocodiles", a title that makes zero sense, and a film that boggles the mind. The only reason I watched it was because of Jude Law -- a really young and scrawny version -- thanks to endless repetitions of scary trailers. I don't want to give the plot away, but be advised that this show isn't for everyone, and I can predict that some of you will doze off or decide to switch channels. I was able to finish it, and frankly speaking, didn't understand it that well, heh. But Law is such a performer -- matinee idol looks but intensely frightening, yet pitiful and sexy all at the same time. Cool. :)

Another good movie to catch on cable -- "Hart's War". Starring Bruce Willis and Colin Farrell ( not to mention Rory Cochrane, my fav from "CSI: Miami" ), this WWII drama isn't straightforward, starting out rather slowly then building to a surprise twist and inspiring finale. Willis remains one of my favourite actors ( post "Hudson Hawk" that is :)), and Farrell is, well, gorgeous and compelling to watch. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Right then, it's time to do more revision. Is there a movie on tonight? Yes, a check with the Starhub Cablevision website shows that "Signs" is on at 9pm ( Channel 58 ) tonight. Good film. But don't forget the million-dollar all-stars "Fear Factor" on AXN Channel 19 at the same time slot. Will have to record that for viewing another day.

And speaking of all-stars, the latest episode of "Survivor" had me scratching my head a little. Sue's "emotional distress" came a little late, and I always thought everyone couldn't care less about Richard Hatch's gratuitous nudity and occasionally disgusting behaviour. Guess I was wrong. Oh well, her departure doesn't really dampen the general mood. I'm rooting for Ethan and Rupert now that Rob C has been ousted.

Okay, back to my books! Have a good Sunday! :)

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