Sunday, March 28, 2004

Yo, Xena!

Sorry about the hollering. I just realized I won't be checking my email tomorrow as I'm off ( my first rest-day in 3 weeks, ugh ), so please liaise with re-minisce about the meetup. I'll be back online on Tuesday night, when I do another 9-8 shift.

What's a Valkyrie?

Okay, my vocab isn't as powerful as re-minisce's, I see. So I checked with Google, and came up with this. Err, should I feel flattered? No wonder he expected me to be taller ( even though most Singaporean women are around the 1.65m mark ). Oh by the way, the "good thing you don't look like my ex" is meant as a compliment. :)

More On The Complaint Letter

It sits unanswered in my pigeonhole -- though it mysteriously translocated to the one above mine sometime yesterday, before I found it and transferred it back where it belongs. Anyway, my department MOs love to share stories about complaints we receive, so it doesn't matter if such documents end up in the wrong slot. If there's anyone who can offer empathy, it's a fellow MO.

Reading through it - again - during my last night shift, this sentence jumped right out at me: "Complainant claims the doctor only lifted the patient's blouse", ie. I only eyeballed the lady, and didn't touch her. Right, so I documented a "soft, non-tender abdomen", which either means I DID feel her tummy, or that I completely fabricated the findings. Remember the Forum letters last month, especially the one regarding SGH? The patient's son's account was totally different from the doctor's documentation, just as it is now. Funny how a measly $65 can make someone so severely myopic. And untruthful.

Lots of news in the Sunday Times today -- Catholic priest scandal, Heartland Sugar-Daddy exploits, Steve Chia email interview, and for the cherry-on-top, a transvestite on the front page of the Life! section. Who needs The New Paper when we have The Straits Times eh?

On the way to work, I had my radio tuned to Power 98, and overheard the DJ reading a list of Top 10 professions men find sexy in women. Included were "teacher" and "actress". Doctors and nurses were at #2, just a spot below models, can you believe it? Who the heck compiles these things? Totally wrong lah.

Then the DJ talked a bit about physical attributes, which got me pondering a bit ( what else can one do while driving, right? ). So my thankfully short list is as follows ( in no particular order ):

1. Physique: as long as he isn't fat, I'm happy.
2. Height: as long as he isn't shorter than I am, it's okay.
3. Hands: There's something about short, stubby fingers which I find extremely hard to accept. So yes, long and slender digits get my vote. Also helps if the guy uses those hands to good effect, ie. if he's an artist, a surgeon, a musician, or all three. :)

I'm not exactly a "face" person. If you're good-looking, I can certainly appreciate it, but if you're not, but have what I like in terms of 1, 2 and 3, plus intellect and personality, then I'm hooked. My ex wasn't handsome at all. To expound on Xena's assessment, he was bookish, pallid ( his own words, mind you ) and scrawny. If he'd been faithful as well, I may be married with 2 kids by now.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention #4 -- Voice / Manner of Speaking. Quite a big factor for me, though I don't really know why. I can't describe what it is exactly, but for a taste, I greatly enjoy listening to actors Kevin Spacey, Kevin Kline and John Malkovich. To date, my ex has one of the nicest pipes I've ever heard. A doctor-turned-SIA pilot friend does too. As well as -- get ready -- re-minisce. ;)

Be-Urgh: enough fuel for your little bonfire? :P

We will resume normal programming after "someone" has returned to London.

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