Wednesday, March 03, 2004

Talk about surreal. I just took a short walk to the loo, and passed by the waiting area. EVERYONE there had their eyes glued to the TV, which was screening the latest episode of "American Idol 3". I think John Stevens ( the 16-year-old redhead who sounds like Dean Martin ) was singing. Sounded good, but I couldn't very well stand there and watch now, could I? ( Okay, maybe I could, but it would be a little obvious. Don't want to precipitate another Forum complaint letter either. "Eh, how can a doctor come out of the room and watch TV HAH?" :( )

Anyway, if you're well enough to watch AI3, you don't belong in the hospital ok. :/ Not at this hour at least. After midnight a bit more warranted. Hmph.

No I'm not crabby. Not too sure why my entry sounds the way it does. I had a good day -- if you count mopping house fun. :P Just rewatched Billy Crystal's medley for this year's Oscars, and absolutely love it!

Mystic River -- sung to the tune of Ol' Man River
Lost In Translation / Sofia ( Coppola ) -- Maria from West Side Story
LOTR: The Return of the King -- My Favourite Things from The Sound Of Music ( "Frodo and Sam on a mystical planet / Then Smeagol pops up like the right boob of Janet" -- hahahahahaha! )
Seabiscuit -- Goldfinger ( a James Bond theme )
Master And Commander -- Come Fly With Me

This has got to be one of his best arrangements yet. The others I remember are from maybe 10 years ago, when he did My Left Foot to the tune of Me & My Shadow, and Dead Poets Society to Mutual Admiration Society. Hilarious fellow. So talented. :)

Also listened to Peter Jackson's wonderful speech for his Best Picture win, where he diplomatically invited Crystal over to NZ "anytime" to make movies. Awwwww. :)

My Wellington friend tells me NZ is preparing a royal welcome for Jackson very soon. She'll keep me posted on that, but adds that yes, the entire country is celebrating non-stop, and extremely proud. :)

And in Clay News, the video for The Way will premiere in the US ( on MTV's TRL sometime tonight Singapore time ). Looking forward to that! The Clay/Kelly tour rolls along, and a recent review of the Raleigh show mentioned how he sang into someone's cell phone, to a lady from Syracuse. The reporter then wrote "Clay probably triggered a heart attack in upstate New York." How very true. :D
I'm hoping my friends who are attending concerts in LA will do me the same favour. I hear they've got good seats, but even if Clay doesn't grab their phones, I'd still like to hear him "live" over the line. Hmm, must start making a few shift requests, I think. :)

Do you think our complaints about the Forum have finally achieved something? The section certainly has improved this week, especially in terms of the "nonsense letters" content ( hey Linda, you know what I'm talking about, right? ;)). Phew!

Well, it's yet another night shift, and the roster isn't any better either. But starting this month, we have our lovely weekend shift allowances, which can be substantial, though nothing compared to locum rates. We love to complain, but stick with it anyhow. Yep, doctors in government service are all masochists. Believe it. :P

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