Thursday, March 11, 2004

Did You Know?

... that re-minisce put up a profile of himself on his blog? I just saw it, though I can't confirm exactly how long it's been there. Just wanted to share, haha. :)

Was wondering if my own 1-sentence description needs updating. ( I would've made it longer if not for the disclaimer clause, thanks to "people up there" insisting that I include one ). But considering I'll turn 29 this June, it might be time to remove the word "young", no? What's a good substitute? "Ageing"? "Weak"? "Exhausted" is one of my favourites, but I'd like something a little more colourful. Time to whip out my thesaurus. :P

Looking back at my early posts ( from mid-2002 ), I realize how much I've changed in just 2 short years. Some of it is comforting ( e.g. getting baptized ), others good for a laugh ( e.g. my detest for certain members of the press ), and the rest an eye-opening experience ( especially during the SARS epidemic ). I do keep a journal, but entries are made at erratic intervals due to time constraints and bad handwriting that seems to be getting worse by the day. Blogging is indeed one of the best things on the Net.

So here I am, working afternoon shift again following an intensive morning session at the A&E course. Really enjoy the tutorials, but now that we've all gotten to know each other well, meeting up daily is becoming more social rather than formal. The Hong Kongers, especially, make for interesting conversation. Apparently, patients in their home country are extremely nasty and demand all sorts of tests whether you deem them indicated or not. Worse, they routinely yell at doctors and show no respect whatsoever. Who would've thought that Singaporeans are actually quite nice in comparison? ;)

Am wondering what happened on last night's AI3 wild card show. Won't be able to watch it till tomorrow night at this rate. There are rumours that Clay may show up for the results segment. Let me know if this is true! :D
Also, I understand Michael Buble will be judging one of the finals about a fortnight from now. Wowzah! ( Although I hope he's lost all that excess weight he gained. )

Sorry if this entry is a little meandering. I start to ramble when my brain shuts down. Everything's at spinal level right now. Laceration? Stitch. Abscess? Drain. Ischemic heart disease with asthma, now breathless, febrile and complaining of atypical chest pain? Errrrr.... just admit lah! ( Kidding of course. :) Hey, I take my gatekeeper role very seriously! )

5 months before my Part II exam, I'm faced with the choice of which hospital to join after I turn registrar. I was initially torn between two institutions, but recent developments have now swayed me to one in particular. Won't say which on this blog, but despite knowing that I'll have to work really hard, I'm pretty happy with the career opportunities it offers in the long run. Do I currently have an area of special interest? Kinda. It's actually trauma management, +/- disaster medicine. The latter doesn't really apply to the local context, and may require a posting in some disaster-prone foreign country ( which my mother will never allow ). Okay then, trauma alone isn't too bad. Would very much like to join a centre that manages gunshot wounds on a regular basis -- probably for HMDP. My goal in life is to perform a lateral thoracotomy solo. Gimme gimme. :D
I'm also quite keen on the prospect of training ER physicians to do competent bedside ultrasounds, be it for unstable major trauma cases unfit for CT abdomens, pregnant women with suspected threatened abortion, or even biliary colic / suspected cholecystitis. My seniors are already able to screen for fluid in the tummy and pericardial sac, but I wonder if other options will ever materialize? Anything's possible, I say! :)

Aargh, is it only 4:30pm? 6 1/2 more hours to go... *sob*

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