Tuesday, March 23, 2004

I'm Officially Drooling

People in my department have been "selling" this product to me all week, and I've been converted!

The Object of my Desire

I saw 2 versions "in the flesh", and can't wait to try it out someday soon, perhaps at the showroom in Wheelock Place. I need to upgrade from my chunky Dell laptop, with it many different detachable drives and tendency to hang these past few months. It wasn't cheap either *grumble grumble*.

Oh well, I now know what USB ports, fire wires and DVD writers are. Really cool contraption, this! But won't be buying one till after my Part 2 exam. Will need a simple ( ie. cheap, heh heh ) digital camera as well, for collecting interesting pictures of X-rays, ECGs, patients, etc. Must start saving...

Re-minisce is due home anytime now. Have a safe trip! See you soon. :)


I thought there wouldn't be anything work-related to write about today, but I was just proven wrong.

Old lady from nursing home with a colostomy post laparotomy for intestinal obstruction. Op performed years ago, and patient known to have constipation on and off. Brought in by daughter this morning for zero colostomy output for a day, but no vomiting or abdominal pain.

Just prior to entering my consultation room, the patient suddenly passes a large amount of green stool into the colostomy bag. Everyone's happy, including myself. Her abdomen is soft and non-tender ( I definitely palpated it ). Even her daughter is relieved and gladly takes her back to the nursing home.

At 1440hrs, the daughter returns. Without even knocking, she opens the door, sees that no-one's around, sits down next to me, and starts talking non-stop ( in Mandarin ).
"You know you saw my mom this morning? I had to pay $65, and nothing was actually done for her, which is unreasonable . You didn't even look at her, no medicine was prescribed..." before I ask her to "Wait! Can you give me your mother's IC number please?"

I remember the case easily after a check with the computer records.
The daughter continues.
"You didn't even touch her," she insists.
Was she dreaming?! "Of course I touched her. I EXAMINED her abdomen, don't you remember?"
"No, you just looked at her only what. $65 just like that? My family thinks it's unreasonable ."
"Look," I speak as calmly as I can, "if cost is such a concern, you could've brought her to the polyclinic or a private GP."
"But the nursing home told me to bring her here , because her medical records are in this hospital."
"Right, and may I remind you that I did examine your mother. I didn't prescribe any medication because she passed motion herself, and is already on laxatives from her surgeon." All of which I explained earlier, yeesh.
"But it isn't fair, blah blah blah."

I finally just keep quiet and stare at her in silence. Every time she argues, hoping I'll defend myself, I just nod, then another bout of... nothing. Does she expect me to cancel the consultation fee? Sorry, we only do that for very special cases. Before she left, I did tell her to bring her mother to the polyclinic or GP the next time something crops up.

What are the odds that this family making a ruckus over $65 for their mother's health owns handphones, computers and other gadgets that cost thousands of dollars? Bet they couldn't care less about that. :/

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