Wednesday, March 24, 2004

Get This...

The complaint letter popped up in my pigeonhole today. Remember the lady with the colostomy? Her daughter made noise with the admin department after I refused to budge, so now I have to write a formal explanation.

Points raised are similar to what she said in my room last night, but here's something I didn't realize: the daughter who returned asking for the consultation fee to be waived is DIFFERENT from the one who actually came with the patient . Am I the only one who finds this odd, albeit in a suspicious way?

And the letter continues: "Complainant says maid ( who was present during consultation ) can be a "witness" ( I assume to the "fact" that I "didn't examine" the patient )". Sorry, I find that a little "dubious".

Anyway, I'll deal with the issue later. ( Bet Urgh's mood just went up a notch, heh :))

Night shift yet again! But I'm on with very nice, competent people, and it's a pretty quiet period, so I'm quite happy. Wish I didn't have to keep missing American Idol though. Looks like this week's theme is "country music". Did Michael Buble guest judge?

Song List March 23

Had a hectic day. Went to Ikea to finalize all the furnishings, and that place is just absolutely awesome! It ranks as No. 2 on my list of mind-boggling shopping areas in Singapore ( the first being Takashimaya, which I visit at least twice a month -- though mostly to eat, walk around and buy presents rather than to shop for myself :P ). Our interior decorating consultant, Evelyn, is such a nice person. Very patient, has good taste, even pushed a trolley around the basement to help us pick out quilt covers, bedsheets and cushions. Her layout design is nothing short of amazing. I was a little worried about not having enough storage space, since the unit is quite small, but she managed to utilize all the available space, and even came up with her own mix-and-match combos for the TV consoles. Extremely impressive.
We've still got a ways to go -- lights, curtains, arranging when to deliver and fix everything. I was so tired when I got home this afternoon I just zonked out on the bed for 2 hours ( even had to go grocery shopping after the Ikea visit ). Then tomorrow, it's cleaning time for the condo, followed by a get-together with a small group of medical friends. Better take more vitamin supplements. :)

At least something perked me up lots today! I got my copy of Clay Aiken's The Way / Solitaire single in the mail, thanks to friends at the local fan club. In a word, Solitaire just struck me speechless. I played it on the way to the hospital, and it's just... absolutely...unbelievable. The range, that mind-blowing voice, all that raw emotion! My favourite song on Measure of a Man is the title track, and for fav cover, Bridge Over Troubled Water hands down -- till now. Clay's Solitaire has eclipsed The Carpenters' original, and Neil Sedaka himself already termed it "forever a Clay Aiken song". If you think his recent AI3 performance is a good gauge, I say "You ain't heard nothin' yet!". The CD recording is more than 5 whole minutes long, which works out to 4 repeats each for my journey to and from work. :P It's just beautiful beyond words. I've run out of vocabulary, sorry. :D
Anyhow, I hear the shops are already selling out fast. Grab your copy quickly!

And in keeping with my recent habit of linking to interesting stories in The Straits Times, here's my pick for today:

Catholic Priest's $5.1 million Scandal

My view? If he was truly "investing for the church", he could've at least done so using a separate, more official bank account, instead of his own. I mean, that's what I would've done.

No comment about his relationship with the 2 women. So obvious it's practically self-explanatory.

Time to see yet another patient. They're all showing up past midnight, sheesh.

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