Friday, March 05, 2004

The Next Clay Aiken?

I was biting my nails during the results show for AI3's Group 4 yesterday, but true to form, Simon Cowell's predictions were spot on, and John Stevens breezed through with the highest number of votes, despite going off-key in a nervous performance the night before. I've liked John since I first laid eyes on him, but can't help feeling that Simon's comparing him with Clay was designed specifically to garner support for the 16-year-old. "If the public puts him through, we'll see ( if he has the potential to be a star like Clay )."
John happens to be a redhead, like Aiken, not to mention really tall ( making Ryan Seacrest looks like a midget ). Sweet demeanour, humble and unassuming -- see the similarities? :)
But voice-wise, John's is a lot deeper. Mellow and soothing, I'd say. But his renditions of famous songs always indicate another layer beneath that dorky teenage exterior. Once he gets over his stage fright, his vocals soar ( like they did after the results were announced and he began to fully relax ). If he can keep this up, he'll reach the top 3 with no problem at all.

Here's his profile:

John Stevens

And my other favourites for the finalists are:



And for the wild card show:

Jon Peter -- has an interest in medicine, woo. :)




Only 4 wild cards will proceed to the finals, and these are my picks. Matthew Metzger ( the Michael Vartan lookalike ) might beat George or Susie, but I don't think his singing will sustain him as far as the top 5.

Okay, that was a nice break from my studying. Nothing better than filling my head with useless information, haha. :D

1st April is a day to look forward to. Saw trailers for "Hidalgo" on cable a few days ago. Hi-what? Here's something for you to stare at:

Hidalgo the movie

Viggo Mortensen as a lead in an action-adventure. Need I say more?! :P

Clay's The Way Video

I haven't seen it yet, but the screen caps are fabulous, and the concept terrific. No sexy gyrating or smooching a la Justin Timberlake and every rap music video I've ever seen. Just depictions of love in its many different forms, from an old couple holding hands to a couple glancing at each other across a table. Awww. :) Waiting for it to hit MTVAsia. Quickly, please!

My last night shift was pretty quiet, except for a collapsed case at 4am in the morning. Likely cardiogenic shock with fulminant pulmonary oedema from a massive myocardial infarct. He was spouting froth from the trachea in huge amounts when I intubated him, and didn't respond to resuscitation. Broke the news to a devastated family. He was only 58.

Then there was the elderly lady in a wheelchair from an old stroke, who was brought in by her very nice daughter, because of a suspected new stroke. Nothing unusual, except for the fact that the patient lived after sustaining a gunshot wound to the chest during the Japanese Occupation. The bullet apparently went right through her. Wow, talk about luck!

Oops, mustn't forget to mention that the latest issue of the SMA News is out online. The link is available on the right within the list, but my miniscule contribution can be viewed here:

Alternative Roles for the ER Physician

This was written during a particularly frustrating time, but like I said before, I love the ER, and can't imagine myself working anywhere else. Happy reading!

I'm on night again today, but will be getting the key to my new home this afternoon. Looking forward to that. :)

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